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Vasectomy in Charleston, SC

At Lowcountry Urology Clinics of Charleston SC, our urologists in Charleston, SC have years of experience performing vasectomies that are safe, take little time and cause little discomfort. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions about vasectomies.

What happens during a vasectomy procedure?

The vas deferens is a small tube that originates from your testicle, courses through your groin (inguinal) regions and ends within your prostate gland at the ejaculatory ducts. Your vas deferens is similar in size to a piece of thin spaghetti and is separate and distinct from the nerves and blood vessels supplying the testicle. During the vasectomy, your vas deferens is isolated within the upper scrotum, ligated, and divided so that sperm can no longer travel from your testicle to outside the body.

Where do you perform the vasectomy?

Most commonly your physician will perform the vasectomy procedure in the office after administering a local anesthetic. Some Urologists give you meds for pain and anxiety to help with any minor discomfort that you may experience.

Can you describe the vasectomy procedure?

After your Urologist administers a local anesthetic into the surgical area, he will make a small incision(s) in your upper scrotum, about a quarter inch long. Your vas deferens appears within this small incision and is ligated and divided. The doctor will often place a small suture to close the skin edges.

What should I do after the vasectomy procedure?

When you get home after your procedure, it’s important to place ice packs on each side to minimize the post procedure swelling and discomfort. We generally recommend that you avoid heavy lifting and strenous activity for the next several days.

After the vasectomy, I won’t need to use birth control anymore?

Not just yet. You aren’t immediately sterile after your vasectomy. Your doctor must examine a semen specimen with a microscope to make sure no sperm are present. Your Urologist will inform you when it is safe to stop using birth control.

Is a vasectomy reversible?

In general, our urologists in Charleston, SC will advise you to carefully consider the decision to have a vasectomy, and not count on the ability to “change your mind later.”

Due to life changes such as death of spouse, divorce and remarriage or the death of a child, you may want to reverse the vasectomy process. Some vasectomies are reversible, with varying success rates. Statistics say that if you reverse the procedure within 10 years, there is about a 55% pregnancy success rate. The doctors of Lowcountry Urology Clinics will consult with you to determine the right course of action.

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