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Renal Cystic Disease Treatment in Charleston, SC

The physicians at Lowcountry Urology Clinics of Charleston SC have years of experience in the detection and treatment of renal cystic disease, or cystic kidney disease. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions about renal cystic disease.

What is renal cystic disease?

There are a wide range of hereditary, developmental, and acquired conditions of one or both kidneys that result in cysts, or fluid-filled sacs. Once present, the cysts continue to grow and can cause pain and bleeding.

How common is renal cystic disease?

Over half of patients over 50 have been diagnosed with renal cystic disease. It is more common in men, and the incidence increases with age.

What are the symptoms of renal cystic disease?

The most common symptoms are pain in the back and the sides (between the ribs and hips,) and headaches. The dull pain can be temporary or persistent, mild or severe. Patients with renal cystic disease often have urinary tract infections.

How do you diagnose renal cystic disease?

Cystic kidney is disease is slow to develop, so it may take years to detect. Once your doctor suspects it is present, he can usually confirm it with an ultrasound.

How do you treat renal cystic disease?

There is no cure for renal cystic disease but the doctor can help you manage the pain with over the counter pain meds. For severe cases, surgery may be required but surgery only provides temporary relief.

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