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News & Events Newly Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer: A Guide

Newly Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer: A Guide

“What do I do next?” is usually the first thing a man diagnosed with prostate cancer thinks about. There are several actions you should and should not take if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Here are some tips for a man newly diagnosed with prostate cancer. A guide to handling your fears, questions, and treatment options.

Ask Lots Of Questions

patient getting diagnosed with prostate cancer

Find out what stage your cancer is. This will help ease your mind a bit and decide what is to come.

Read what you can about prostate cancer. Ask your physician if your particular cancer is an aggressive one. Also ask whether you need to have additional imaging tests.

It is possible you may require one of the following:

  • An MRI fusion biopsy, which defines more accurately the stage of your cancer
  • A computed tomography scan (CT scan)
  • A magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI scan)
  • A positron electronic topography scan (PET scan)

Since prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men, there is quite a bit of information available online and from Lowcountry Urology.

Educating yourself will help you to make prudent decisions.

Discuss And Evaluate Treatment

Ask about all treatment options available. See which treatments are best for your particular case.

In some cases a watch and wait strategy known as active surveillance may be suggested in which follow up appointments are made to track the tumor.

If Lowcountry Urology recommends a treatment, ask about any side effects. Carefully consider the benefits versus the side effects of any treatment option before making a decision.

Find An Experienced Urologist

Once you have been diagnosed, it is essential to find a urologist like Lowcountry Urology who is experienced with prostate cancer. Get recommendations from your primary care physician, and choose someone you will be comfortable with.

Contact Lowcountry Urology if you have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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