Managing your WEIGHT… Decreasing your RISK of Cancer… Increasing your LIFESPAN

Being overweight increases your risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

  • In men - being overweight increases your risk of prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer (in men too), diabetes and heart disease.
  • In women - being overweight increases your risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
  • It is recommended that you look on this risk and the need to change your lifestyle as if your life depended on it…BECAUSE IT DOES!

A brief summary of recommended starting points follows:

1. Calculate your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate). This is the amount of calories you need in a day. To calculate this:

Women: multiply your weight by 10

Men: multiply your weight by 11

Then, add to that:
20% if you are inactive
30% if you are somewhat active
40% if you are moderately active
50% if you are very active.

2. Now that you know how many calories you should consume in a day, how do you loose weight? If you decrease your daily caloric intake by 200 calories, you will loose 20 pounds in a year. Decrease caloric intake by 300 calories in a day and you will 30 pounds in a year.

3. Note that the only way to accomplish this in a way that will decrease your risk and increase your lifespan is for this to be a lifestyle change. Fad diets are not effective long term.

4. The main stays of lifestyle modification:

EXERCISE – Regular exercise decreases your risk of many cancers, diabetes and heart/vascular disease.

PORTION SIZE (as well as not going back for seconds!)

EATING THE RIGHT FOODS: Your diet should be rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats, animal fat and sugar and sweets. In order to manage your weight, you will need to calculate how many calories are in the food and amount of these foods that you consume.

Although there are many resources available, a good, complete and inexpensive source is the book My Calorie Counter, by Jennifer Sucov and Maureen Namkoong, available at Barnes and Noble for $7.95.

Men may also be interested in The Whole Life Prostate Book, a more complete source of men’s health issues.